Update Your Machine’s Firmware

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Updating Machine Firmware in Cricut DesignStudio (Expression, Personal, Create, Cake and Cake Mini)

When doing the update, please be sure that you do not have any cartridges in your machine and that your computer does not go to sleep during the update.

  1. Download* Cricut Design Studio (Trial Version) by clicking the link.
  2. Then Save/Run the downloaded file to install DesignStudio software on your computer.
  3. Once installed launch the program and select ‘Continue Using Trial Mode’.
  4. Connect your machine to the computer using a standard printer cable or Cricut USB cable.https://amzn.to/2EkgpMr
  5. In Cricut DesignStudio Click on the Help tab; a dropdown list will appear. .
  6. Select Update Cricut Firmware.
  7. Put the machine in Firmware mode (these instructions are also found in the software):
    • To get into Firmware mode you will need to begin with the machine powered OFF. Press and hold down the stop button first, then ALSO press and hold the power button (hold both down at the same time for about 6 seconds). Once the machine beeps and the lights come on, then you are in the correct mode and can release the buttons.
    • Make sure that the roller bars do not engage. If they start up then it didn’t work and you need to turn it off and try again
  8. In the software, select the machine you are using under Step 3.
  9. Select, “Begin Updating Now”.

Group members can see a video of how to do this by clicking here.

Expression 2, Gypsy, or Imagine:

  1. Download* and install the Cricut Sync software by following this link.
  2. Make sure the machine is not connected to the computer.
  3. Open Cricut Sync and you will get a message that the device is not connected to the computer.
  4. Select Help from the top left-hand corner and select the machine (Imagine/Expression 2/Gypsy) from the menu.
  5. Answer the troubleshooting questions in this manner: Y, N, N, N, Y.
  6. Boot your machine into recovery mode:
    • Expression 2: With the machine off, press Home, Pause & Power buttons together until you get a blue screen.
    • Imagine: With the machine off, press Menu, the button below Menu and Power buttons together until you get a blue screen.
    • Gypsy: With the machine off, hold down the bottom left silver button, the silver Circle button, and power all at the same time until you get a blue screen.
  7. Now connect the Cricut machine to the computer using the USB cable.
  8. Cricut Sync should pick up the machine and complete the Format and Restore process.

This process can take 45-60 minutes. Please ensure that the USB cable is firmly seated into the port of the machine, and your computer does not enter into sleep mode. The saved projects in your Gypsy will be erased during this process, however the linked cartridges will not be affected.

If this page has helped you update your firmware, please consider contributing by making a making a donation via the link below or the dinosaur on the left of the website! Thank You in Advance!

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