Weeding –  to remove excess vinyl or the negative space from your cut design.
          Weeding Box – a frame put around your cut design to help isolate your image.
Welding – Combining multiple images or letters to create a single cut line rather than multiple overlapping cuts.

 – Heat Transfer Vinyl or Iron On Vinyl. Must use a heat source such as an iron, heat press, easy press, etc. to apply this material. Comes on a plastic backing.
Siser Easyweed – The most popular manufacturer of Heat Transfer Vinyl.
Mirror – flip/reverse your design – you do this for Heat Transfer projects (and place HTV shiny side down onto your mat!!).

Adhesive Vinyl: comes on a paper backing and is already sticky and ready to apply to any applicable surface. The various types are listed below.
          631 – Removable vinyl (Indoor, used for stencils temporary wall designs and window cling).
          651 – Permanent vinyl (Outdoor, weatherproof).
          951 – Permanent vinyl (Marine grade – the higher the number the stronger grade of adhesive!).
          Oracal – The most popular manufacturer of adhesive vinyl (631, 651, 951, etc.).

Transfer Tape/Paper
– to move your cut adhesive vinyl to your project surface.

SVG – Stands for Scaleable Vector Graphic. These are the images that are able to scale and stretch without getting blurry and can be used in SCAL2 to cut with.

Inkscape – Free graphic design software that allows you to trace images, edit and create SVG files.  You can download Inkscape here (for Windows and Mac!)

SCAL2 – Sure Cuts Alot 2: A now discontinued software  that can cut SVG files, basic shapes (included with the program), trace and cut basic black & white images and allows you to be unrestricted from cartidges (minus the one cartridge you need to help the program communicate with your machine). For more info click here.

Zentangle – an intricate image made of repetitive patterns. These are also referred to as mandala images. An Example is pictured below:

Image result for zentangle dinosaur


A GREAT Resource for Lingo is the following video by our affiliate Expressions Vinyl:

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