These Frequently Asked Questions have been accumulated and posted in no particular order.

  •  “What is SCAL2 and can I use it?”
    • What is SCAL2
    • SCAL2 can be found on ETSY, purchase at your own risk.
  • “What font is this?”
    • One of the easiest ways (not always guaranteed, but 99% of the time I get a result this way) is to use a font identifier. You need a clear image of the font you want to identify, if it is a cursive font of a design where the letters have been overlapped, you have to isolate/separate the letters using a photo editor (I have used paint, Photoshop and even the image editor on my phone to achieve this.) But it is pretty simple and straightforward. You upload the image and the site will walk you through identifying the font!
    • Some font identifying websites include:


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