Connecting Your Machine To A Computer

If you have never used your Dinosaur with your computer below are some things that you need to know.

Note that the Expression 2 can no longer be connected to a computer and the other dinosaurs can ONLY be connected to a computer that is running windows software. Therefore if you have a MAC you must be using a program that allows you to run windows software.

1. You’ll need a USB cord, like the one that a printer takes. Older machines don’t connect wirelessly. You can find one locally or here:

2. You MUST have a cartridge in the machine to complete the connection between your computer and your machine. You can find these most inexpensively from local sellers, facebook marketplace, yard sales, sometimes in stores, and often in our linked Buy/Sell/Trade Group on Facebook. You can use linked cartridges with the older models!

3. You need Cricut Design Studio (NOT Design Space, this is not compatible with Dinosaurs), regardless if you intend to use a third party software such as SCAL2. Keep in mind these are Cricut products, so Cricut software will get you the best connection between your machine and computer. Cricut Design Studio will also help you manage the firmware for your machine (Firmware help can be found here).

3. Check your Adobe Air, you do not want the latest and greatest version, always decline an update. You want version Adobe AIR and that’s it. Any more or any less and your machine will have trouble connecting. Click here and follow the instructions to the T and you should have no problem with Adobe Air.

4. Be patient! It is a learning process, don’t get frustrated, just stop breathe and try again slowly. I swear machines like ours smell fear and anxiety and that’s when they don’t work. Be nice to your machine and it will be nice to you!

If this page has helped you connect your machine to a computer please consider contributing by making a making a donation via the link below or the dinosaur on the left of the website! Thank You in Advance!

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