About Me

51019850_310926426230045_3178058018428289024_nMy name is Teresa and I am the One Woman Show behind Cricut Dinosaurs both the website and the Facebook Group! I own 4 Dinosaurs ( the Personal, 2 Expressions and an Expression 2), and I created this site to create a space for older machine users to learn to use their machine without being told they needed to upgrade, because our machines may be oldies but they are definitely goodies! I love sharing my knowledge of the older Cricut Cutting Machines with others and if there is something I don’t know I AM MORE THAN HAPPY to learn something new so I can help you learn it too!!! I have used my dinosaurs to make wooden signs, an oversized banner, stencils for face painting, car decals, tumblers, shirts, onesies, gifts, school projects, scrapbooking and lots more! The possibilities with our Dinosaurs are ENDLESS!!! Between this website and the Facebook Group I have put together a great learning resource and I hope that it helps you on your crafting journey!


This website is not sponsored by or affiliated with Cricut, it is simply a collective of information meant to help those still using the Older Model Cricut Machines!

If you appreciate what you learn here please consider contributing to the maintenance of this site and  making a donation via the link below or the dinosaur on the left of the website!
Thank You in Advance!

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